I'm an assistant professor at St. Petersburg State University, Russia.

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Mobile phone: +7 950 009 3949

I've got more than 100 scientific publications. Unfortunately almost all of them in Russian. There are 5 articles in English available:

Bykov I. A. Government Relations in Russia: (Dis)Connecting Business and State? // Actual Problems of Economics. 2015. № 1. P. 99-104.
Bykov, I.A., Dorskii, A.Y., Shelonaev, S.I., Ulianovskii, A.V. Journalist on the line of fire: Scrutinizing contemporary military journalism with philosophical anthropology approach // Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences. 2015. Vol. 6. № 5 S2. P. 105-109.
Bykov I. A. Anti-American Policy in Contemporary Russia: Examining Political Campaign on Dima Iakovlev Bill. Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research. 2014. Vol. 22. № 6. P. 894-899.
Balahonskaya L.V., Bykov I.A. Particularities of PR-Texts in the Internet: Communicative-Pragmatic Aspect. Scientific Newsletter: Modern Linguistic and Methodical-and-didactic researches. 2014. № 2 (5). P. 26-37.
Bykov, I. Constructing Image of a Political Leader and Its Perception Among Young Voters in St. Petersburg (Cases of V. Milonov and A. Navalny)". Youth World Politic. 2013. Vol. 1. Issue 1. P. 69-73.

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